Online Tracking is now available...


Inland Rates Calculator

With a supplied username and password you are now able to calculate your truckload and container costs online. This custom application also includes options for calculating additional accessorial fees. Click on the "Inland Rates" link under the Tracking menu for the online Inland Rate application.





At Midwest Transatlantic Lines, we understand the importance of technology, accurate and rapid flow of information is a critical requirement to ensure the smooth and precdictable movement of freight. At the center of our technology strategy is the world’s leading Freight Management Solution, ediEnterprise from CargoWise. The ediEnterprise system is a complete global freight solution to manage bookings, local cartage, transport, shipping, customs, warehousing and more. Midwest Transatlantic Lines exchanges data in real time with our agents, customers and other partners which enables us to provide the very highest level of service.


Please enter your e-mail address and the password provided to you. You will then be directed to your Company's secure tracking network. We have recently enhanced our sight as you can now use Quick View to track using your reference or order number without have to log in. If you have any problems, please contact your account manager.



MTA Lines Online Tracking

With a supplied username and password, the MTA Lines Online Tracking system will allow you to track your shipments when they arrive in Berea, OH. Click on the image below for the login page: